“Triangular Interference” T-Shirt

How about a mashup between the 80s, 90s, and 2020s? Maybe not cyberpunk but certainly outrun/vaporwave-inspired, this shirt is a throwback to the halcyon sandy shores and ocean waves of my youth along the northern California and southern Oregon beaches. Maybe it can be the bearer of some swell memories for you too.

  • Fashion-forward, future-retro mashup style
  • Eye-catching, abstract ocean/sand design

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Amazon has a relatively new program called Merch. The idea is this: Amazon pays for all the overhead and you make a brand, add some designs, choose what you want it to cost, and make the profit. Pretty simple. The idea’s been around for a while but no one’s obviously had the customer base that Amazon has.

There have been a few designs I’ve personally wanted for a while; so, I’ve gone ahead and created the TForden brand.

Enough preamble, here are the six designs I’ve come up with so far (click on a shirt to see a detailed view of the design):


A simple, minimalist design that’s sure to turn a few heads. If there’s enough demand (and sales), I’d like to add a few extra colors and/or make some long-sleeve and sweatshirt versions.

  • Unique, minimalistic, art piece design
  • Trendy, eye-catching, casual wear

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Like the design? Get it as a wallpaper.

Dot Matrix Earth

Simple, sleek, dot matrix (i.e., made of dots) earth shirt. The minimalist style is great for working out or lounging around in.

  • Sleek Futuristic Dot Matrix T-shirt
  • Cool Simple Minimalistic Green Design

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Vaporwave Sunset

For lovers of electro-wave, the 80’s, and/or mondo cool aesthetics, here’s the shirt for you.

  • Nostalgic outrun/retrowave-style setting sun
  • Clean, rainbow color gradient w/ CRT-style interlace

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Icy North

I love winter — I know not everyone does, but I do — and this design was meant to evoke that: winter, mountains, glaciers, and the arctic. However, even if you don’t love the colder climates, you may enjoy the fashionable “draping necklace” structure or the cool, origami-style graphic.

  • Fashion-forward style at a reasonable price
  • Uniquely slimming, striped mountain graphic design

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Spicy Heart

A shirt for those who truly love the hottest of the hot, el mas caliente de la caliente, there’s no better way to show your mettle of the mouth than with this fiery shirt. A clean, minimalist shirt that shows what matters, not only do you love the spice, you’re made from it.

Just be aware: By waving this red-hot flag, there will be plenty who want to see if you can handle your stuff. Not for the faint of heat.

  • Uniquely cool, geometric/wireframe design
  • Combination heart/pepper iconography

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A clean, minimalistic shirt design that makes a great joke gift, but also something that lets the world know you don’t take yourself too seriously.

  • Fun, friendly, and self-depricating
  • Simple, elegant design

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Human Circuit

A colorful, empowering graphic that works great for your morning exercise, meditation, or yoga routine; sport it to flaunt your fashion-forward style; rock it to symbolize your love and support of LGBT+ rights; or don it and get in touch with your Chakra while bingeing your favorite show. There are no wrong answers!

  • Fashionable chakra-inspired, geometric design
  • Simple, bright, uplifting colors and symbology

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A Few Other Things…

Sorry for the abundance of puns.

All shirts come in a variety of colors for men, women, and kids.

And one caveat before I go: So far, these designs only available via the US (.com), UK (.co.uk), and German (.de) Amazon sites. If you don’t happen to live in one of those countries and can’t wait, I think you can still buy them and ship them from those sites, it just might be a bit more expensive and a longer wait.

There are still more ideas and designs in the works, and I’ll be adding them here as soon as they’re approved on Amazon.

So, which (if any) of these designs made an impression on you? Any favorites? Any subjects or designs you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments. See ya soon~